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Remote Support
We take control of your computer from our computer! Just sit back, relax and give us permission when prompted and we’ll give you instant instruction or support over the internet and the phone.

When the workload doesn’t justify full-time, on-staff professionals across the country, outsourcing is the solution. With years of experience, A Geek To Go! has become a leader in contracted, outsourced IT services across America. We’ll take care of your phones, cameras, technology and even moving.

Data Recovery
When hard drives fail or computers just simply die, we offer recovery services for your old photos, documents, music, etc. with a 99% success rate. We then distribute the recovered data to you on a disc or USB drive for recovery on your replacement system.

Data Backup
The most effective recovery measure but also the least practiced. Don’t be intimidated by organization of files or ‘Geek Speak’. Let us show you how to schedule automatic backups of your important files for retrieval at a later date.

Good To Go
With A Geek To Go!

Are you still using the antivirus that came with your computer? Chances are it’s out of date, it’s slowing down your computer to a crawl or it simply finds infections and doesn’t know what to do with them. A Geek To Go! Offers cutting-edge alternatives to the pricey ‘standard brands’ and bundles virus, spyware and rootkit protection at a fraction of the cost and sluggish speed of other products. Our geeks can also sniff out infections left behind by your present security products and eliminate them.

Let A Geek To Go! take the hassle out of setting up or rebuilding a wired or wireless network and we’ll set up the usernames, passwords and encryption for you as well.

We’ll reign-in your Outlook, Gmail or Apple Mail. You can’t be ‘computer illiterate’ if you are reading this line on our website!


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