What the heck is a Managed Services Program from A Geek To Go?

A Geek To Go! is an Internet-based service that is changing people’s lives. Do you ever wonder why your computer STILL gets infected with your security? If you do … read on!

Profiled in 2009 as one of the fastest growing companies in The Lowcountry today by The Post and Courier Newspaper, A Geek To Go! takes the hassle out of security guesswork by remotely managing all of your computers for infections.  How cool is that!

We’ve combined custom scheduling and monitoring Antivirus and Antispyware and the effectiveness of remote scanning to bring you a managed bundle of security for your computer(s). Combined with an automated application that allows for automatic updating for these products, plus the advantage of testing Microsoft Windows Updates before they are downloaded and installed, this application also allows us to remotely and securely manage the health AND security of your computer, with real-time reporting to our Network Operations Center. Rare circumstances that require a visit from one of our technicians is included in the annual cost and the number of on-site visits is UNLIMITED.

The cost of one year of Residential Service is less than the same cost of 2.5 hours of labor! A Geek To Go! remotely connects to your computer, installs a bundle of security programs designed to independently update, scan and remove infections and clean clutter, all for just $19 per month. Offering UNLIMITED U.S.-based phone, remote and on-site support, A Geek To Go! will set it so you can forget it!

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